Top stories this morning 12/2

Police are interviewing witnesses of a shooting on Webster Street near the gulf freeway. According to investigators last night, a driver was taking a family member home, when they stopped to pick up a woman. After the driver dropped off the family member police believe the woman shot the driver. He was taken to Ben Taub in critical condition.


A man is recovering from a gunshot wound after an attempted car theft in southwest Houston. Police say, three men tried to steal a car from a transport trailer used by two business partners. It happened at the turtle point apartment homes on Richmond and Dunvale. One of the business partners was punched. The other was shot in the stomach.

A new record for gun background checks happened on black Friday.

            According to the FBI, the national instant criminal background check system processed 185,345 requests on November 27th. That’s more than any other day on record.


Hundreds of U.S combat troops will be headed to Iraq. This time to fight ISIS at times, they will directly engage targets in both Iraq and Syria. It’s a surprise move, especially after president Obama had all but ruled it out.

            But the chairman of the joint chiefs directly refuted the president's assertion that ISIS has been contained.