Tomball caregiver accused of physically abusing 93-year-old woman

A staff member at Grace Care Center in Tomball is charged with injury to the elderly after a woman became suspicious that her 93-year-old mother was being abused in her room. 

She placed a hidden camera in her mother's room and has reason to believe after observing that her mother was hurt by staff member Traci Thompson.

In the video, Thompson can be seen entering the room and while changing the pad, begins aggressively reaching under the elderly woman's leg and waist area and abruptly forcing her onto her side. She can be heard screaming out in pain saying, "You're hurting me." Her leg falls off of the bed, and Thompson is seen roughly throwing it back on the bed. 

The woman reporting the incident identified the voice as her mother's.

Thompson began cleaning the woman who had defecated in bed with wet wipes. During this process, the woman says, "She put that mess in my mouth."

Shortly after, Thompson can be heard saying, "I sure did, your mess."

The woman cries out several times in the video, complaining that Thompson is hurting her. Thompson is seen forcibly manipulating her in ways that are causing pain.