TMZ: Kanye West and Joel Osteen to hold event at Yankee Stadium

Pastor Joel Osteen and Rapper Kanye West came together for an event at Lakewood Church on November 17.

Kanye West and Houston's Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen are reportedly teaming up again, according to TMZ.

TMZ reports that West and Osteen will hold an event on May 2 at Yankee Stadium. It is reportedly part of Osteen’s “America’s Night of Hope” series.

According to TMZ, Osteen will give a sermon and then West and his choir will perform.

West and Osteen recently came together at Lakewood Church in Houston. West participated in a conversation with Osteen during a Sunday morning service, and then West and his choir performed a free concert in the evening.

While in Houston, West also performed for inmates at the Harris County Jail.