Three-legged rescued dog finds forever home but is now missing in Sugar Land

"There's a lot of us whose hearts are breaking," said Alexi Holford.

Many tears were shed by strangers after Charlie's lonely existence in Livingston was shared on Facebook.

"Three or four months ago the people that owned him moved away and left him there," Holford said.

Charlie's search for those who abandoned him was also shared on social media. His tragic tale includes a neighbor who tried to chase him away with a gun.

"He was shot several times and his knee cap was shattered and his femur was broken," said Holford.

Holford was one of many touched by Charlie's hard luck life.

"But no one was really stepping up to help," she said.

With some donations and a skilled dog trapper, Holford was able to get Charlie to her home in Sugar Land.

While Charlie was recuperating from having his injured leg amputated Holford had a 6-foot fence installed around her backyard.

"I just couldn't imagine how does a three-legged dog get over a 6 foot fence," Holford said.

This past Sunday morning Charlie did just that and he hasn't been seen since.

He was first spotted about four miles from Holford's home in the Belknap Brookside Subdivision.

About 11 hours later Charlie was spotted in Meadows Place in Sugar Land.

"I saw him but he wouldn't even come to me," Holford said.

Holford's original plan was to foster Charlie. But after just a week at her house Holford says she wants to give Charlie a forever home. If only she could find him.

"I've cried a lot," she said.