This Prince George cake is freaking everyone out

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Baker Lara Clarke has dreamed up numerous impressive cake creations in recent years. The founder of Tasty Cakes, based in Walsall, England, has previous achievements that include a life-size Jennifer Lawrence, an eerily accurate Captain Jack Sparrow and even a Land Rover cake.

However, many of those who have looked upon her latest creation get the feeling she may have gone too far – her Prince George cake is freaking out a lot of people.

Clarke shared step-by-step images of how the cake was made on Saturday. The cake was created for the Cake International event being held in Birmingham from November 6 to 8.

Clarke has tried to ease some fears that poor Prince George would be sliced up for afternoon tea by assuring people the cake “won’t be eaten.”

Video showing close-ups of the cake, alongside reaction to the dead-eyed baked curiosity, can be seen below.