Thieves pretending to be tree trimmers target elderly residents

Police say two men are behind multiple residential burglaries in Pasadena and Pearland. The thieves appear to be targeting the elderly.

They are described as Hispanic men in their 20s or 30s who pretend to be contractors for Comcast or CenterPoint Energy. They claim they need to trim trees in their backyard. While the homeowner is outside, one of the men enters the victim’s home and steals items such as cash, jewelry, and collectibles.

On November 17, Pasadena police say the thieves targeted a home on San Augustine Avenue.

On November 21, the thieves reportedly stole for two homes in Pasadena on Darling Street and Savannah Avenue.

“They wear vests and communicate with two-way radios and they drive just a plain white pick up truck,” said Lieutenant James Holt with the Pasadena Police Department.

Holt says although these types of distraction-type burglaries are not specific to the holiday season, scams in general tend to increase.

“If you don’t know who they are or you don’t know that a contractor is coming, there’s nothing wrong with politely telling that individual , ‘you’re going to have to come back later until I can verify who you are.,’” added Holt.  “Obviously, if they feel comfortable they need to call the police immediately that’s what we’re here for.”

If you recognize the men, contact the Pasadena Police Department at 713-475-7893.