Thief steals Katy teen's final gift from his father

A Katy teenager has one wish for Valentine’s Day, to get his stolen bicycle back. 

“I have a bike that was gifted to me from my mom’s friend,” said Gage Dukat, a 14-year-old. “It hasn’t been the same.”

Pictures show the teen’s previous bike.  According to Gage, the bicycle was a symbol of his father Scott. Two years ago, Scott suddenly died from liver failure.

Gage says the bicycle was his father’s last gift to him.

“I would ride that thing everywhere with him,” said Dukat. “It’s very sentimental. I don’t have much really any more to remind me of him. It’s one of the things I really keep close to me.”

“It’s not just a bike,” said Gage’s mother Jodi. “It’s more important than that.  It’s a piece of his heart really.”

The roughly $500 bike was stolen in November from outside Taylor High School in Katy. A grainy surveillance photo shows the thief taking the bicycle.

“I’m mad, sad, [I have] a lot of emotions,” said Gage. “I just don’t know why someone would want to do something like that.”

“It was something that holds a lot of memories for them,” said Jodi. “They would ride it a lot.”

Gage and his mother have been working with the Katy Police Department to locate the stolen bike. If you know anything or think you’ve seen it, they’d like you to call the police.

“If you could bring it back please, that would be really nice,” said Gage.