The real life impact of cyberbulling

If you thought the real impact of cyberbullying only took its toll on school-age children, then you're absolutely wrong.

The latest extreme case is a 23-year-old porn star who took her own life after family members say the social media lynch mob came after her. That actress is August Ames. 

She posted on Twitter that she refused to work with male porn actors who also starred in gay porn. Once that went out into the world, the attacks began. One porn actor even told Ames she owed the world an apology and she should kill herself with a cyanide pill.  Ames did just that, sort of. She was found hanging from a rope in a public park.

While Ames also suffered from depression, her family blamed the cyberbullying.

On the Factor to talk about the issue is social media expert and publicist Bridgett Jo with S. Charles Public Relations.