Houston thanks military heroes this Veterans Day with parade Downtown

Houstonians are finding many ways to show gratitude to our men and women who have served in the military on this special day, including a Veterans Day parade.

Wearing and waving red, white, and blue, supporters lined the streets in Downtown Houston to thank our military heroes for their service.

Bands, brigades, and boots marched, made their way, and pounded on the pavement from Houston City Hall for several blocks this morning and into the afternoon, all for one reason. "To support all the veterans," smiles Aurelia Fuentes. "And I wanted to learn more about the Army," her 6-year-old grandson Leo Vargas adds.

#HONORUSVETS: ‘Make Camo Your Cause’ campaign works to end veteran homelessness — how you can help

The beautiful Veterans Day celebration is a way to give a big thank you to our brave military vets, like 28-year Army veteran Mike Rambaran.

"People that served need to be respected. This day commemorates all the hard work and sacrifice they have done for this country," says Rambaran.

24-year Army veteran Johnny Goines adds, "Many of us lost our lives, limbs, mind problems, you know PTSD. Veterans should be honored. Look down the sidewalk. There should be even more people here".

VETERANS DAY: ‘Make Camo Your Cause’ campaign works to end veteran homelessness — how you can help

"Happy Veteran’s Day," yells one teen girl in the crowd. 

"We wouldn't have the freedom that we have today if it wasn’t for them (military veterans). My brother served 30 years in the Marine Corps, went to Vietnam twice," says parade attendee Wesley Butler.

"They sacrifice leaving their families and go out and make sure we’re safe in America. So we thought it was important that we come out and honor our Veterans here at the parade," says Chandra Livous.

The parade for this important day may have wrapped up, but it isn’t too late. If you haven’t already done so, find a way to say thank you to our courageous military heroes.

**NOTE** We here at FOX believe our veterans deserve to live with dignity and independence, not on the streets. So join me in making camo your cause in support of the Honor U.S. Vets campaign. To donate and learn more about how you can help U.S. Vets end veteran homelessness, scan the QR code on your screen right now. And make sure to post on social in your camo with #HONORUSVETS.