Texas ranks as worst state for mental health care, says Forbes Study

A study released by Forbes is reporting that the state of Texas ranks as the worst state for mental health care. 

While Texas was ranked the worst state, Vermont was ranked the best state. 

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According to the study, Texas has the highest percentage of adults with any mental illness who are uninsured (21.5%).

The study also said that Texas is home to the highest percentage of adults with a cognitive disability who could not see a doctor due to cost (40.65%), and the highest percentage of youth who had a major depressive episode in the past year and did not receive treatment (73.1%). 

Texas also has the fourth-highest percentage of children with private health insurance that does not cover mental or emotional problems (13.8%), according to the study. 


The study added Texas has the fifth-lowest number of mental health treatment center in the nation (only 41.92 per 10,000 businesses). 

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