Texas officials warn SNAP, TANF recipients of scams targeting Lone Star Cards

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission says they have received an increase in reports of scams targeting those who use Lone Star Cards.

The state agency is urging Texans who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits to monitor their accounts.

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According to HHSC, scammers are getting people’s Lone Star Card numbers and PIN numbers through skimming and phishing. Officials say skimming is when a device is placed on a card reader to capture the victim’s information, and phishing is when a victim is tricked into clicking on a link in a text message or email or calling a number to share card information.

The agency says the HHSC Office of Inspector General operates a fraud hotline and has already initiated 32 investigation in the 2023 fiscal year for Lone Star Card skimming, in comparison to 108 cases in the prior fiscal year that ended Aug. 31.

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Officials say Lone Star Card users should check their accounts frequently. You can use the Your Texas Benefits mobile app. They also recommend changing your pin regularly. HHSC says they will never reach out by phone, text or email to ask for a card number and PIN. Click here to see even more tips.

If you have been impacted by Lone Star Card fraud, call the Lone Star Help Desk at (800)777-7328, report it to the HHSC Office of Inspector General at (800)436-6184 and notify local law enforcement.