Texas A&M University chosen to be home for ‘Game of Thrones' memorabilia

An exhibit at Texas A&M University looks into the mind of the ‘Game of Thrones’ show creator George R. Martin.

Hundreds of people have come in to see the exhibit surrounding the HBO hit show. It is the second largest Archive of Science Fiction in the country.

Martin began spending time at the university in the 1970s to visit AggieCon, an annual science fiction and fantasy festival and convention. Over time, he visited the libraries frequently, even after his writing career became successful.

Three years before A Song of Ice and Fire was published, Martin chose Cushing Library’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection to deposit his personal collection of letters, books and manuscripts.

The library also became a repository for some of Martin’s memorabilia for the show Game of Thrones. Some of his manuscripts with personal notes and memorabilia like swords were put on display in a special library exhibit in 2013.

Nearly 50,000 pieces contained in approximately 300 boxes are in Martin’s collection at Cushing and most of them are available for public view.

Visitors can see anything from swords, correspondence between publishers and showrunners, board games, more than 1,300 copies of books in various translations and even lunchboxes.

When asked why Martin gave the memorabilia to TAMU, he said, “because they asked me.”