Texans season of 'Hard Knocks' premieres on HBO

Hard Knocks is an HBO football reality show, and this year, the spotlight is on the Houston Texans.

At the Houston Texans and HBO watch party at NRG Stadium on Tuesday, FOX 26 News spoke with the creator of the show, who emphasized that the point of the show is to humanize the players. 

“I think that’s the most important thing of the whole series is that you get to see that they're not just warriors but they're human beings, with girlfriends, trouble, with happiness,” said Marty Callner, the creator and executive producer of Hard Knocks.

The show will highlight the personal lives and internal drama of the team. Right now, the Texans are in an interesting spot.

“This is the first time we've really ever had a big quarterback battle on Hard Knocks and it's between Hoyer and Mallet which is very, very different and interesting. The quarterback's the engine of the team. JJ Watt obviously is a fantastic story. And there's the competition at left guard, inside linebacker, wide receiver,” said Callner.

The Houston Texans' president said this show is the perfect opportunity to show off why the Texans are such a special team.

“Certainly we have an amazing fan base here, locally, across the state of Texas, large, loyal. Now here's a chance for the nation and the globe to see what's so special about this Houston Texans organization and this city,” Jamey Rootes, the president of the Texans.

FOX 26 News asked whether audiences will get to see a more intimate side of JJ Watt.

“I think so. I think you should stay tuned and you're going to see a lot more than you think. For JJ, who's a really interesting guy,” said Callner.