Texans/Colts couple shows how to survive living with the enemy during the playoffs

Saturday's Texans/Colts playoff game is creating a rivalry at home for one Angleton family. The couple explained how to survive game day when you're living with the enemy.

"Oh, you just walk into the room, and you have her side which is Texans, and it's kind of hard to walk past, but I got to to get to my side," said Corey Cotten, a Colts fan, of the bedroom he shares with his girlfriend.

Patricia Rogers gave a tour of the room, pointing out the Texans poster and cross on her side of the room--both bedazzled with her favorite football player.

"J.J. Watt--of course...for my sweet dreams," said Patricia.

"It is what it is," said Corey, pointing out the Texans trash can by Patricia's bedside.

"I got her this for Christmas," said Corey. "I figured it'd be fitting."

Corey pretended to vomit in the can. Patricia threw her head back and laughed.

"We are a house divided," said Patricia.

It's been four years of dating, but Patricia and Corey still haven't sorted out their differences in football teams.

"The strong woman that she is remained a Texans fan after we got together," said Corey. "But with that being said, I'm not gonna change my love for the Indianapolis Colts."

Still, they won't let a game get in the way of their love.

"I try to keep the trash talking to a minimum."

He then put on a Colts chef cap and apron and walked into the kitchen.

"We're gonna cook some Toro," said Corey. "Cook some Texans mascot."

"Because they win or we win, that's not gonna cause any issues," said Patricia of their relationship. 

Although she does avoid her boyfriend's football-embellished gadgets throughout the house.

"No, I don't use the Colts cutting board," said Patricia. "I use the regular cutting board."

The Texans/Colts playoff game is their third matchup of the season. The Colts won in December 24 to 21.

In September the Texans came out on top--37 to 34 in overtime.

"It was ugly," said Corey. "It was ugly."

"It was a good game," said Patricia."I mean anytime we win is a good game."

Corey inherited his love for the Colts from his grandfather.

"To me it's kind of a remembrance of simple times when I was young," said Corey.

Now he's convinced Patricia's two sons--ages 11 and 13--to join his team.

"They totally jumped ship," said Patricia. "They'll be like, 'Texans suck.' I'm like, 'Go to your room.'"

"These boys that I met four years ago--we've just kind of all four become a big, like, Velcro," said Corey. "They literally saved my life, and they weren't even trying."

"But he did persuade them to be Colts fans," said Patricia.

"I didn't!" said Corey. "All I did is I just showed up in the blue."

You'd better believe both sides have their battle colors ready for the start of the playoffs.

Corey has brought out a large American flag--Colts blue and white colors of course, and embellished with a large Colts horseshoe.

"Game days--win or lose--it's gonna fly in this house," said Corey. "God bless America and God bless the Colts.

Patricia has draped a big Houston Texans blanket over the couch.

"I have to fight them for it, even though they're not fans," she said, showing a photo of her sons bundled up in the blanket.

"It is comfortable," said Corey. "Texans will probably show up to play, and we'll have a good battle, and we'll see what happens."