Teachers shot with fake bullets during active shooter drill

Active shooter drills have become commonplace at businesses and schools across the country. However, school officials in Indiana think the local police may have taken things too far.

"It saddens me that we live in a day and age where you have to have this sort of training in schools to begin with," says Dan Holub with the Indiana State Teachers Association.

Teachers go through all sorts of training today to provide their students with the best education possible. Active shooter training is now a part of that preparation. However, being shot at isn't typically a requirement of that training.

"The teachers were there, they didn't know this was coming," says Holub. "They're being asked to turn around and are being shot at."  

The White County Sheriff's Office in Indiana led a drill where deputies shot at teachers with airsoft guns, and some teachers say they were injured with the plastic pellets. 

"This is an extreme situation where people are being injured because of the responsibilities they now have in our school systems. It's tragic," Holub said. 

Although the sheriff's office has agreed to pull this drill from future training sessions, the Indiana State Teachers Association wants lawmakers to be sure this type of training doesn't occur at any other districts in the state.