Teachers parade through neighborhood to cheer up their students

For teachers and students in Fort Bend County, their 'spring break' has gone on a little too long.  

Teachers and staff at Sienna Crossing Elementary decided not to let coronavirus get in the way of a positive attitude!

Dozens of teachers lined up in their cars and paraded through local neighborhoods in Sienna Plantation where children were waiting to wave to the teachers they hadn't seen in weeks. 

Although everyone had to keep their distance, a cheerful hello was enough to lift everyone's spirits just a bit in times where all were longing to be back in the classroom together. 

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The students also wanted to brighten the mood and had colorful chalk artwork splashed across fences to tell their teachers they missed them.

Sienna Crossing staff had the following message for students and families during the pandemic:

"Your teachers and staff miss you all dearly. We know you have questions and concerns as we do, but know that we are all busy preparing to teach you in new creative ways. While we are busy working, please remember to love one another and spend this time together. Be kind and smile, knowing that we will all get through this. We always do, because we are Sienna Crossing Navigators. Stay safe, healthy, and optimistic."

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