Take to Akin- Constant power outages

The shaded Woodshire neighborhood is tucked away just inside the South Loop near Stella Link. Although built in the 1950's, the homes have been updated. The power lines however haven't kept up.

Residents said that at least 10 times during the first two weeks in May, power went out. But, they said they always had a warning.

"Every time we lose power, about 5-10 minutes before, we hear a loud boom", explained Abhi.

Shi-Jie Liu described the same scenario.

"Every time when it rains, you hear boom! Like explosive, then power is down."

So did Chinedu Amankwe.

"Usually happens when it rains. You hear some boom and a few minutes after that the power goes out."

Fed up with not getting anywhere with CenterPoint Energy, Abhi and his wife called Take it to Akin.

CenterPoint acknowledged the area definitely had more and longer outages than normal.

Within days, crews arrived and replaced wires and poles. This upgrade was all before last week's Memorial Days heavy rains. And according to residents, CenterPoint's efforts paid off. They never lost power during the recent storms.