Take it to Akin - Product recalls that could affect you

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We've got a consumer alert for you tonight. 

Three products the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says could not work as they should.  The first is  Sardine Fishing Game and Starfish Fishing game made by Juratoys. The problem is the worm at the end of the fishing pole line.  It can come off and the small parts, including magnets inside,  could choke  a child.
The company has more than 400 reports of the plastic worm coming off. Contact Juratoys for a refund.

Bosch Security Systems is recalling its wireless smoke alarms because they may not alert the consumer of a fire. This is the Radion wireless round smoke alarms installed as part of Bosch security systems. Contact your alarm installer for a replacement.

Final, Baja Motorsports is recalling it's gas-powered mini bikes  manufactured late last year.  The front fork could separate from the wheel. This has already happened at least 22 times, with 11 reports of injuries.  Stop using the bike until you get a repair kit from Baja Sports. 

Here’s a link the CPSC website which has more information: http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2015/Juratoys-Recalls-Fishing-Games/