Take It to Akin - dispute over Sears air duct cleaning visit

A mother's concern over her children's health turned into a consumer's frustration with Sears Homes Services.

When Humble resident Adriana Palacios got a flier in the mail from Sears advertising air duct cleaning, she was interested.

"I thought Sears was like, you know, a company I could trust," Palacios said. She said she hoped cleaning the air ducts could help her children's allergies.

When a Sears technician arrived, Palacios said he told her the ducts were clean. However, she said he did find mold in her air conditioning unit.

"He showed me a picture he took with his cell phone and he showed me the mold. Since my kids are allergic to mold, I decided to buy the machine based on his recommendation," said Palacios.

Instead of cleaning the air ducts, the technician sold her a $540 UV-Aire system, which was supposed to kill the mold. She said the technician promised her that if she wasn't happy with the results, she could return it.

"After two weeks, my husband went up into the attic and he saw nothing, mold still there, nothing changes," said Palacios. She said she called and requested a refund but was told no.

However, the sales slip didn't include a non-refundable policy. FOX 26 News contacted Sears corporate.

A Sears spokesperson said, "Sears Home Services is committed to providing excellent products and services to our members and customers."

The spokesperson said Palacios would receive her refund within 5 days.