Tailor gives away hundreds of handmade masks a day to curb COVID-19 spread

A woman in Pearland has turned her small business into a nonprofit, producing PPEs and trying to help the Houston area beat the pandemic.

This local seamstress is now making and giving away thousands of face masks, as buying them has become nearly impossible. Walk into Tram Le’s shop and it’s definitely something you don’t see every day, face masks in bulk, especially these days when masks are hard to come by.

“My masks are 100% cotton,” Le explains.

For 12 years Tram Le has been hemming, mending, and cranking out clothing at Top Tailor Alterations. Now, since Sunday, she is non-stop making masks, but not any money. You see, she’s giving the masks away by the thousands.

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“Because right now they can’t buy it. Nobody’s selling it. They run out. That’s why I have to go to Joann and Budget Material and bring it back and make it and a lot of people are volunteering. I’m so grateful for the volunteers,” Le says.

“This is all the fabric we got donated. At first, we used to buy all of it by ourselves,” one volunteer explains.

"It’s been so hard to find these elastic bands. Some of the members they couldn’t sleep at night thinking about the shortage of this. It’s been a lot of work but worth it,” smiles Giau Pham who is one of the volunteers.

She actually works at a restaurant, heard about what the seamstress is doing and jumped in to help.

"They’re doing a good thing so we bring hot food everyday for them,” Pham says.

“We have a variety of colors and fabric,” explains another volunteer.

You’re only allowed to pick up ten of the machine-washable masks for your household. Medical professionals have to show credentials to get them in bulk. We caught up with Deonna Clark picking up her masks.

"I work for an Ob/Gyn office here in Pearland," she says.

There’s also a pocket in the mask for a filter if you have one.

"I think it’s a wonderful contribution to the community. Everyone’s a little bit nervous so this is a great contribution,” says Clark.

Le is making and giving away about 800 masks per day. She has received requests for masks from as far away as a medical center in San Antonio.

If you need masks, Top Tailor Alterations is located at 2810 Business Center Drive in Pearland. The phone number is 713-436-7915.