Suspect killed in attempted robbery

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Police say there were bullets flying between the suspects and the employees  and you can see evidence of that gunfire exchanged in the glass windows of Jeff's Jewelry.

Earlier this afternoon, Conroe police say four men went into Jeff's Jewelry brandishing weapons.

Officials said they demanded jewelry money and purses, and ended up shooting several times at the employees.

When this happened, officials said several employees who were also armed fired back.

"The suspects entered the business, started walking around the counter. One of the employees, several of the employees saw this. They had guns. One of the employees went for their own gun and at that time the suspect shot at the employee. Several employees return fire," said Lt. Dorcy McGinnis/Conroe PD.

Multiple rounds were fired between the suspects and the store workers.

"It hurts my heart for those inside that had to endure that for the customers and staff and for the family of the deceased you know it's a bad day. it's a sad day for everybody," said Shannon Harris who owns the shop next door.

Police say the employees shot one of the gunmen dead while the other suspects ran away and sped off in a white Dodge Charger.

The suspects ended up abandoning that car and police have since recovered the Charger about a mile from the store.

Police wouldn't say whether the suspects made off with any cash or jewelry.

Conroe officials say all the suspects are described as young, black men dressed in dark clothing.