Suspect in Houston woman's murder arrested in Kentucky, to be extradited to Harris County

HOUSTON (FOX 26) -- A Houston family is relieved after the suspect in their daughter's murder was arrested months after her death. 

Investigators say 29-year-old Edna McWhorter's suspected killer apparently stalked her and allegedly sexually assaulted her before she was killed. They also say he left the Houston area in September 2018. He was on the loose for more than five months until he was arrested on Saturday in Kentucky.

"I try to be strong for myself and my grandkids," said Theresa McWhorter, Edna's mother. 

For Theresa, the last five months since her daughter's murder have been a mix of anguish and fear as she and her grandchildren prayed for a semblance of justice. 

"They miss their mother," added Theresa. 

Investigators said Edna was shot in the chest and killed in the parking lot of a Channelview nightclub in September 2018. The suspect in her death, 38-year-old Jerry Wayne Greer, had been on the run until he was found and arrested by police in Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday. 

Records suggest Greer had a violent past. He was previously issued a felony warrant for assaulting an ex-girlfriend.

Theresa said her daughter met Greer through a trail riding group. The two were not dating but Theresa said she was always suspicious of Greer.

"Some things just didn't seem right," said Theresa. "Sometimes some things you just feel that aren't right and something about him just wasn't right."

As the McWhorter family now waits for Greer to be extradited to Harris County, Theresa said they're breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally feel safe in their own home. 

"He was a threat to anybody," said Theresa. "He wasn't just a threat to us, it was who was going to be next."

Edna is survived by three children, ages 5, 9, and 10. Since her death, Theresa said she's been taking care of them full time.