Surveillance video shows what led up to clerk's murder

Surveillance video shows what led up to the murder of a store clerk in the west Houston Memorial City area.

Police are on the hunt for two hooded men suspected in the murder of Faruk Bhuiya, 48, at Metro Food Mart on Witte Road Saturday night. 

Surveillance video shows the men walk into the store and eye out their surroundings for several seconds. Then they approach the clerk in the back of the store.

The man in the dark hoodie immediately pulls out a long gun. Faruk initially jumps sideways then stands his ground.

“They are talking with each other,” said Mohsin Uddin, the store owner, viewing the tape. “I don’t know what happened—what they are asking or what’s going on.”

The store owner says he checked the surveillance video on his phone that evening and all looked fine, but 10 minutes later the gunmen made their attack.

After having a brief conversation with the gunmen, Faruk is seen making a run for the bulletproof door at the cash register, but he was shot in front of that door.

Police say it was about 8:30 p.m. when they got the call about the clerk being shot in the face.

Video shows the suspects dashing out the door immediately after firing the fatal shot.

“We feel very sad, and I feel I can not work,” said Uddin.

Police released surveillance images of the suspects Sunday.

The store owner says Faruk had only worked there for a few months, but they’d been friends for years, having both come from Bangladesh.

“He was a good guy, and we miss him,” said Uddin.

Anyone with information that could help lead to an arrest in the murder is asked to call Crime-Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.