Storm aftermath in Central Texas

With Sunday morning's storms, came damage.

FOX 7 viewers continue sending us photos and videos detailing what happened.

We take a look at the aftermath - from roofs being torn off, to fallen trees. FOX 7 received pictures of many homes with major damage from strong winds and a video showing the strength of the storm. In Lago Vista, Kenny Jones says he and his best friend were doing their Sunday morning ritual.

"Just coming out here to go fish at 5:30 in the morning," says Kenny Jones, Lago Vista resident.

But, this Sunday was different. Jones got a text alert saying to evacuate and get to shelter. After helping others out of the property owner's association building, they were trapped inside.

"You can see the hail was smashing the windshields. These beams right here, when the wind finally hit, these beams separated and pushed up. All this was rocking and lifting up," says Jones.

Jones' family was still at home. Once there was a break in the storm, he took off to help them.

"I just want people to know before they go out, planning on going to the lake and going fishing, or doing anything with children or any of that, watch the weather. Be cautious because I wasn't expecting this, My kid and my wife almost didn't have a dad. It takes a lot for a grown man to cry, but I was scared," says Jones.

Winds also did damage to homes in Point Venture. Karen Rego had a large portion of her roof blown off around 9:30 Sunday morning.

"It was like an explosion happened inside and all the windows started flying. The wood starts flying and the roof peeled back. I went running the opposite direction into the bathroom that was closest and just stuck into a corner. I stayed there until things stopped just hoping it wasn't going to keep going," says Karen Rego, Point Venture resident.