Store owner and security guard fight off would-be robber in NE Houston

A would-be robber is on the run after being shot in the leg by a security guard in northeast Houston early Tuesday morning, authorities said.  Police said that a man entered a Valero store on Lockwood Drive and Weaver Road began to follow a security guard. He then brazenly walked right behind the security guard and tried to pull the guard's gun from the holster.

Surveillance footage shows a male suspect approaching the gas station’s security guard from behind in attempt to tackle him and then trying to take away the guard’s gun during the attempted robbery.  Reportedly during the scuffle, both the security guard and suspect got into a fight outside of the store, and that's right when the owner stepped in and rushed out to help the guard.

Police said the owner struck the suspect in the head with a large wooden stick multiple times. The security guard shot the suspect in the leg shortly after, police said. The injured suspect then ran off into the woods nearby after the incident. No other customers were in the store at the time, and no reports of any injuries. Police are now hoping to catch the suspect since the suspect may show up at a local hospital after being shot in the leg.