State law enforcement commission recommends revoking license of Galveston County Sheriff candidate

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) is aiming to revoke the license of James P. Fullen, a candidate for Galveston County sheriff, over alleged false statements on his employment history.

The executive director of TCOLE has filed an original petition calling for the revocation due to Fullen's submission of, or causing to be submitted, false personal history statements to the commission. Based on Texas law and administrative code, TCOLE possesses the authority to strip Fullen of his license, which is mandatory for someone holding a law enforcement position in Texas.

Leveraging its role as a regulatory body, TCOLE ensures peace officers and other law enforcement personnel in Texas meet basic standards, including moral standing and mental aptitude. The commission's current action is an extension of its mandate to uphold reliability and competence in law enforcement professionals.

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Allegations against Fullen date back to late 2023 and early 2024 when he reportedly provided incorrect information or omitted key details on applications to Galveston County Constable Precinct 2 and the Texas City Police Department. These omissions and falsehoods involved his work history, disciplinary actions, civil lawsuits, and two arrests, representing violations of TCOLE's reporting standards.

Fullen now has the option to accept the proposed disciplinary action by signing a waiver within 20 days of receiving the petition. Otherwise, he has a right to a hearing to contest the allegations and can preserve this right by submitting a formal response to the commission's charges as per TCOLE regulations.


This action surfaces as Fullen continues campaigning for the role of the sheriff, adding a layer of complexity to the race and raising questions about his eligibility and integrity.