Spring Creek Greenway to one day stretch from Kingwood to Tomball

You will one day be able to ride your bike all the way from Kingwood to Tomball and never see a car. FOX 26 Anchor Sally MacDonald has the update on the Spring Creek Greenway project.

The dream of the Spring Creek Greenway is to take people in and out of neighborhoods by bike and to destinations like the movie theater.

Hidden in the trees, the greenway currently runs 17 miles from Humble to Spring, connecting several Harris County parks.  You can ditch your car at entrance points to explore on two wheels.

"Do you feel like people are still surprised to see it and hear about it?" we asked.

"Sally, every day we get people out to the greenway who have never been here before.  It still hasn’t been found by the majority of people from Houston," said Dennis Johnston, longtime Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Director. 

It’s easy to forget you’re only about 30 minutes north of Houston as you bike or hike along the pristine Spring Creek where wildlife and natural beauty are guaranteed.

This summer a four-mile-long missing link is set to open west of 45 from Springwoods Village to Rothwood Park in Klein, right past the massive Exxon Mobil campus and City Place.

"We really think Exxon would benefit a lot, their employees would benefit from being able to ride bikes to work from both ends of this trail," said Johnston.

Precinct 4 is still in the process of buying land, but the project will eventually be more than 40 miles from Kingwood to Tomball.

"Most of what we buy is flood-prone property so the benefits are multi-faceted."

While more can be done to make cycling an everyday mode of transportation, the greenway is a start in a city that loves its cars and trucks.