Some Pecan Grove residents cry foul over unusually large water bills

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EDP is the contractor that operates water services for the Pecan Grove Mud district.

EDP tells us it produced 41 million more gallons of water during the billing cycle in question.

According to EDP hot weather and no rain between July 4th and August 11th are the reasons behind the unusually large water bills.

But residents we talked to say they need more of a reason than that.

Steven Deaton says his water bill tripled "I just had a 117 thousand gallon meter read last month and the bill was close to 500 dollars," Deaton said. "I've lived here nine and a half years and I've ne re seen a bill remotely close to this.'

"I'm either taking long showers or I'm filling up my house and making a pool and I must be swimming in it cause I don't know where it's going," said Alma Toffer.

Denise Davis said her bill doubled.

"Our concern was we too were out of town for two weeks during this billing period so we question if there's a flaw either in their billing system or the water is going someplace else because we weren't home the water was not coming to us," Davis said.

"They're saying that they've increased the water production no ones been able to do an audit and verify that and what their procedures are," said Cathie Fieser. "I want an audit of this company to understand how these bills have gone through the roof the way they have."

Fox 26 also spoke to Chad Howard president of the Pecan Grove Mud district.

He says EDP has been busy re-reading meters and are finding no errors.

Howard plans to post specific information on the Pecan Grove website so residents can better understand the unusually high water bills.

Howard points out that Pecan Grove has one of the lowest water rates in Fort Bend County.