Some fans say their Taylor Swift Houston-show tickets from Ticketmaster were non-existent

Some Taylor Swift fans say they paid Ticketmaster hundreds of dollars for tickets to last weekend's concerts at NRG Stadium (Taylor's Version). But when they arrived, they say their tickets were non-existent.

"We’re definitely sad about it," said Danny Tsang, who says he and his party were turned away. "We’re more upset that Ticketmaster wasn’t able to do anything for us."

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Tsang's friend Ian Berns says he paid $1,447 for four Taylor Swift tickets, then transferred the tickets to Tsang through Ticketmaster. Tsang says his wife stored the tickets in her Apple Wallet.

"When they scanned the ticket, it basically said invalid ticket for all four of our tickets," said Tsang.

He says an attendant told him those tickets belonged to other people.

"Two tickets went to one party, another two tickets went to another party," explained Tsang.

It turns out Tsang and Berns knew one of those ticket holders. They showed us her receipt, showing she purchased her tickets the exact minute and hour that a receipt shows that Berns transferred the tickets to Tsang.

"When we looked at the time stamps, it was exactly Friday, November 18 at 6:59 p.m.," said Tsang.

We contacted Ticketmaster, which responded, "As confirmed with the order numbers, there was no duplicate purchase on our site."  

The written statement explains the order number attached to the case "was not a purchase on Ticketmaster, it was a ticket transfer."  


Ticketmaster says the woman who had the tickets received them directly through a transfer from Berns' account. However, Berns says he transferred them to Tsang, not to the other customer.

In another case, Lisa Richardson tells us that she, her friend, and her daughter paid $381 for three seats that couldn't be found.

"We were seats 24, 25, and 26. They just weren't there," she said, after checking three times. "When we went to guest services, they explained that Ticketmaster, NRG, whoever had oversold by 150 seats," said Richardson.  

She says they had to stand through the entire concert, which was uncomfortable because she is seven months pregnant with twins.  

"I had to turn to the side each time someone passed because they would graze my stomach. And after a while it was hurting," said Richardson.

Ticketmaster says they are investigating Richardson's case.

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