Small businesses on Texas coast still cleaning up after Nicholas

Cleanup continues for some of the hardest-hit coastal communities in Greater Houston, including for small businesses.

In Clear Lake Shores, small businesses near the marina are working around the clock to get customers back in and help their community recover.

"We're cutting up to about 3 feet of sheet rock in the whole building and then we're going to have to repair that," said Amy Albro, owner of Soulfreak Studio Cafe.

She opened the coffee shop in October 2019 and this is the third time it has flooded due to a storm.

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"All of our refrigeration, ice machine sits on the ground. So, we're letting it dry out, seeing what will happen with it," she explained.

The storm to her and other business owners by surprise.

"Didn't expect to flood that much or that quick," said Vinny Pandanell, owner of Aspens Bar & Grill.

Just as soon as the water receded, staff, friends, and family got to work.

"We have a very strong community following here on this island," added Albro.

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"This is their home bar for the neighborhood so they really -- they don't like to see us down at all," Pandanell told FOX 26.

Aspens Bar and Grill already opened for drinks less than 12 hours after the cleanup began.

"Luckily, it's all concrete," Pandanell said referring to the floors. "The last time during Harvey we ended up gutting the walls four feet up because we got about four feet in here for Harvey. And I put cement board up instead of sheet rock. It'll last a little bit longer."

Across the street at Soul Freak Studio Cafe, Albro challenged herself to reopen within a week. But, with so much help on deck, she thinks it may be within a day or two.