Simple fixes can improve WiFi in busy, connected households

If the pandemic still has you stuck, working from home and, maybe, kids attending virtual class, there's a good chance your WiFi is stretched pretty thin.

At some point, there's only enough internet bandwidth to go around, and the wireless connection might not be able to handle the load.

Tech expert Juan Guevara Torres says a slow connection will limit productivity, from home.

"Having a powerful or a reliable WiFi is essential, now," says Guevara Torres.

For those who may not have given it much thought, think of the information passing through a funnel. Smaller funnels mean restricted capacity and slower speeds. Get a bigger funnel, and more information passes through more quickly.


There are a few strategies to improve performance.

The easiest solution is finding the best place for your router: the higher, the better.

"The WiFi signal doesn't go linear; it goes like a 'cone'," says Guevara Torres, "If you put it in the downstairs, some people upstairs won't be able to reach it very well."

Next, manage how you use the available bandwidth. If there are Zoom calls to be made, streaming shows might not be wise.

Manage your service. If you're not getting enough internet into your home, it might be time to upgrade to something faster. You might also need to upgrade your equipment.


For example, a mesh-router can extend WiFi to every corner of the house that needs it.

"The load is distributed around the house," explains Guevara Torres, "Like radios repeating the same signal, it's a doorway into your own WiFi."

Internet providers can provide access to some of this equipment, as part of a plan, or it's available to buy. Making some easy tweaks can improve performance when you need it most.