'Shattered Dreams' reenactment shows consequences of drunk driving

Horrifying, omenous, a call that turns restful, peaceful nights for parents and loved ones into nightmares and moments that can never be forgotten or outlived.

Lives are changed, many of them, hence the name of this event, "Shattered Dreams". It's the anti-drinking prevention program directed at high school students. The program made its way to Westfield High School in Spring on Thursday.

"The message is, make wise decisions," said Robin Garza, Trauma Director at Ben Taub Hospital. "There are things that teenagers are exposed to every day, and the thing that we want is for them to make good decisions."

The idea is to send a message that these students won't soon forget, especially with spring break approaching. 

"This is a reenactment to show them exactly what those consequences look like," said Garza. "You can talk all day long, but until you get that visual exposure to what it really does look like, that's when it really drives home."

Many things can result from drinking and driving or texting and driving, none of them good - at least three of them shatter dreams.

Do everything you can to make the right decisions while driving.