Several residents in Hockley subdivision question high water bills

This homeowner who asked that we not identify her says the water usage on her bill and the meter aren't the same.

"They are saying I used 106,000 gallons of water when I went outside to look at the meter it only read 94,000 gallons," she said.

Her bill also shows she used 60,000 gallons of water in about a two-week period.

That's enough water to fill one and a half swimming pools.

Like all residents in North Harris County, she has an additional fee. It's called the North Harris County Regional Water Fee. Hers is 200 dollars.

"We wanted to prevent even higher water bills because we had a leak in our yard." said Kristi Zwahr.

After contacting Harris County Mud District 319, this couple says they found a note on their door saying the leak was the customer's responsibility to repair Travis Zwahr says he fixed the problem by replacing this valve on the meter.

He says he doesn't understand how the problem ended up being his to replace instead of the Mud District.

We interviewed half a dozen homeowners.

All of them said there's no system eye could have used the amount of water they are being billed for.

A spokesman for Harris County Mud District 319 told us they don't want to overcharge anyone.

He says residents who have questions about their bills need to contact the Mud District and someone will come out to read their meter.