Several injured in Sarasota school bus crash

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The loud bang was the first thing that caught her attention, then Linda Schubert saw it: A yellow school bus with its front crushed, loaded with students.

"I knew school was just starting when it happened so I was hoping everyone was OK," she said.

It happened around 9:15 this morning at the intersection of Gantt and Proctor in Sarasota. The students were headed Oak Park School, a school for special needs students.

They were less than two miles away when the red Infiniti pulled in front of them.  Troopers say the car made a left turn, but didn't have the right of way

"The bus was thrust out to the right side, collided with one of the traffic signals that was at the intersection, knocking it down and affecting the power grid here," said Trooper Ken Watson.

Twelve students were on the bus, along with the bus driver and an attendant.   The two adults and seven of the students were rushed to local hospitals.

"You have to remember the school bus is very large. They're built that way. They are built in a manner to protect that precious cargo that’s on board," said Trooper Watson.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital was ready just in case.   Doctors prepared for a triage situation, but thankfully didn't need it.

"None of them required any surgical intervention. Mostly cuts, bruises, soft tissue injuries," said Dr. Reuben Holland.

Neighbors and witnesses worked to comfort those students not needing medical attention. The principal of Oak Park School said, for a short time, strangers helped those in need and helped her students during a difficult situation.

"To calm their fears, especially the students I serve at my school, is very important," said Edwina Oliver.

The Florida Highway Patrol the driver of the car, Michael Rans of Indiana, was also hurt.  He was cited for making an improper left turn.