Security beefed up at Freedom Over Texas

The main concert stage is going up and so are the video surveillance cameras at Eleanor Tinsley Park. With upwards of 50,000 people projected to attend the U.S. Family Health Plan Freedom Over Texas 4th of July celebration on Monday, expect heightened security. 

“We will have a lot out here," said event organizer Susan Christian. "Some you'll see, some you won't see.  Safety is top of mind in everything we do. We want people to come out and celebrate our freedom.” 

While Christian added, “We are not afraid,” some Houston-area residents are. 

Does it make you second-guess going out into big public venues given what's happened?

"Absolutely,” said Houston resident Joe Berwick. 

Following the Orlando mass shooting that left 49 people dead and more recently, the airport bombing in Istanbul, Turkey that killed more than forty people, residents like Nagi Han, who is from Turkey, are scared to be anywhere in public these days. 

“Of course it does worry me and it makes me scared," said Han. "I'm just sad all these people here, there. It just makes me sad I'm just scared of living."

"You've got to be aware of all that kind of stuff," said Berwick. "I think you'd be kind of naive not to think about that when you're making your plans for the Fourth of July.” 

More police presence, bag checks and video surveillance will be at the official City of Houston Independence Day celebration.  The city produces forty civic events every week and Christian says her team is ready to keep you safe. 

“What I love witnessing and what I love participating in is how Americans, Houstonians, Texans rally together in the united voice and spirit when these horrible things happen," said Christian.

During the fireworks display on Monday night, Christian says there will be a tribute to the Orlando victims and to the local flood victims.