Savannah police officers buy mother new car seats for twins

Several Georgia police officers are being praised after buying new car seats for a young mother in need. 

Last weekend, police officers in Savannah pulled over a 21-year-old woman who was driving a vehicle without a license place. The mother told police her car had been recently stolen, which is why she didn’t have a license plate.

Officers then discovered she had her 1-year-old twins in the car, and they weren’t properly restrained. The seats didn’t have any harnesses installed.

That's when the officers went above and beyond the call of duty.

One officer, identified as Cpl. Bland, decided to buy two brand-new car seats for the family. Meanwhile, APO Neumann and APO Daniels kept the children entertained.

The mother ended up driving away with two new seats for her babies, as well as a “different outlook on police.”

The Savannah Police Department shared several photos of the touching act of kindness on Facebook.