Santa Fe Resiliency Center hosts 'Day of Service' for students

The community of Santa Fe is banding together one year after the tragic high school shooting that left 10 people dead. A series of memorials taking place today and tomorrow will help the focus on healing and staying strong.

The Santa Fe Resiliency Center opened up last year after the shooting as a way to help people get counseling and any services they need. They're still open, they plan to stay open and students can come here instead of school to join in a “Day of Service”.

Wendy Norris with the Resiliency Center says more people are coming in for help now than earlier in the year.

“So trauma is one of those interesting things that people really have to kind of work through," Norris says. "In that first initial year, there's so much fog that happens and trying to sort out what life is like right now with this impact that has happened. So now as we enter into this first year and now going into the second year, that fog is starting to lift and people are really realizing that these services are necessary for them and their health.”

The Resiliency Center is hosting a “Day of Service” on Friday for students who do not wish to attend school.

“We really believe in combating that evil that happened last year and this tragedy with acts of kindness and service," Norris says. "So we have students that are coming in that are participating in community projects. They have some projects that are going on inside the building and they have some projects going on outside in the community as well.”