Santa Claus with `naughty' and `nice' tattoos must tone it down

A beloved Santa with "naughty" tattooed on one arm and "nice" tattooed on the other has been asked to tone down his typically goofy poses at the Oxford Valley Mall.

The Santa has many parents divided. 

"That might be a little rough on some of the kids. I don't know that I necessarily would appreciate it," one parent said.

While another said, "Naughty and Nice tattoos? Yeah, let's be kid-friendly."

It's why the new company managing Santa's operation at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne told him to knock off the reindeer games, putting the fun on ice. 

"Many people are upset because they love the poses and they love him flipping the kids upside down and getting on the floor with them," his daughter said.

Megan Greene is Santa's daughter and says his different style has become a tradition of its own. 

 "He's a people pleaser so he likes to make everyone happy. He likes to do what the people want," she said.

Cherry Hill Programs is the company that took over the Santa experience and says: 

"We remain dedicated to preserving the tradition and image of Santa with authentic holiday visits for every guest to our programs. We uphold the magic of the one and only Santa for all believers, by providing a consistent approach at every Experience we operate, not just Oxford Valley Mall."

Santa's daughter says he is still filled with the Christmas spirit despite the changes. 

"He's still going to get on the floor and talk to them. He's still going to play with them. He wants that special connection with everyone's kids," she said.