Rosenberg Library floods for third time since Hurricane Ike

A historic landmark in Galveston flooded again.

The Rosenberg Library got 3.5 inches of water during the Labor Day storm.

It also flooded during hurricanes Harvey and Ike.

“The worst flooding that we had was during Ike. I was in the building at the time and at 12 midnight we had 2 inches of water on the floor and at 12:20, we had 75 inches,” said John Augelli, the library’s executive director.

He adds after Ike, the library elevated its electrical system, installed hurricane grade glass, and flood gates.

Augelli believes this time the water came in through the walls.

“During Harvey was the first time we ever saw that kind of water coming into the building. So it’s very likely that the waterproofing around the walls of the building have started to fail. This building was opened in 1971,” he explained.

This time most of the water damage is to the carpet in the children’s department.

Augelli says how soon the section will reopen depends on whether or not the current carpet can be saved.

The rest of the library is open.