Renters whose landlord didn't pay the mortgage learn they can stay in their homes through the holidays

We have an update to a story we brought you on Tuesday. Some residents in Crosby, who were being forced from their trailer homes this holiday season, no longer have to leave this week.  

Christmas is coming early for the residents or at least they’re getting an unexpected Christmas gift after finding out they can remain in their homes through the holidays. 

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"My wife put these up. The stockings are for me, her, the kids, the two cats, the dog, oh and Ally’s hamster," smiles Tucker Steele, who showed us around his home which is decked out for Christmas. But until just a few minutes earlier, Steele thought the decorations and his family would have to go in less than 24 hours. 

Meet the guy who saved Christmas for the residents. 

"There will be no foreclosures tomorrow," explains Mike Gerner with Mobile Home City, who says when he saw our FOX 26 news story about residents renting the trailer homes who received notices that the trailers were being repossessed on Wednesday, because their landlord was behind on her mortgage for the mobile homes.


He says he wanted to put the residents’ minds at ease. 

"I would never initiate something like that during the holidays, no way. It’s not going to happen," Gerner says. 

"I’m very happy and very thankful to the people that own the trailers, that they’re giving us a chance to enjoy Christmas with my kids," smiles resident Jessica Davis. "This is the first place we’ve had in a while," adds Steele.

"We fell on hard times during the pandemic, like everyone else, so we were living with friends in rooms," Steele's wife, Jessica Davis explains. "It’s been tough. Last year, I lost my dad so this Christmas was supposed to be very important, and when we found this trailer it was supposed to be forever, a forever home." 


Davis went to work in the morning with the weight of the world on her shoulders and by lunchtime, she found out the good news. They can stay in their home for the holidays. 

"So a lot is lifted. I can breathe," she smiles.

The landlord, Ila Irwin, was actually featured on FOX 26 in 2019 when Irwin was caught on camera calling one of her tenants the n-word after she posted a sign on the property saying, "Cowboys and cowgirls only. No n-words." Her son told FOX 26 then, "I’m sorry she said what she said." Irwin quickly interjected, "I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry a bit." 

This time she and her son drove away when we tried to talk with her.

"I never would have thought a landlord would be this type of way. I never would have thought I’d have to research the landlord. It’s sad," says Davis.

"At least I’ve got the next 20 plus days to not have to worry about being thrown on the street. We appreciate everything you all and everyone else has done for us," says Steele. 

The owner of the trailers says the homes likely will be repossessed within three months if the mortgage isn’t paid.

"We had planned to live here for a long time until this unfolded," says Steele. "I have to uproot my kids again, potentially change schools again. It is very emotional because as a mother, my first thought is my kids. I’m just grateful we get to stay for now and I know, whatever happens, God’s got our future in his hands and it’ll be ok," adds Davis.