'Relief Gang' helps 98-year-old Hurricane Harvey survivor

A 98-year-old Hurricane Harvey survivor has moved out of her flood-damaged home, thanks to an overwhelming response from people who saw her story Only on FOX and wanted to help her.

Naomi Williams’ home has developed mold in the three months since it flooded. Rapper Trae Tha Truth’s Relief Gang footed the bill on Wednesday for her to move into an apartment of her own at Nixon Assisted Living of Houston while the group works with contractors to rebuild her home.

“We’re here cleaning out the house, getting everything out so we can start the rebuild process,” said DJ Mr. Rogers from 93.7 The Beat, who co-founded the Relief Gang to assist flood victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Naomi Williams watched from a chair in her front lawn as countless Good Samaritans stepped in to move her furniture out of her house and gut out the mold damage.

“We’ll take care of the house,” said Trae Tha Truth to Williams. “We’ll make sure the house right.”

Williams’ church members and volunteers from Lone Star College arrived to Williams' home to help her move and spray the house for mold.

“I have a different mind and a different spirit now than I did when I woke up this morning,” said Williams.

While Williams watched the work, another unexpected helper drove up with a check in his hand.

“I’ve been going around, passing out $1,000 a piece to people that needed it, and we saw that you needed it, so there you go,” said Charlie Diggs, founder of Charlie’s Helping Hands, as he handed her the check.

Williams gave Diggs a big hug.

“Thank you for remembering me,” said Williams. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Diggs then spoke with Trae Tha Truth and Rogers about collaborating to ensure Williams’ home is rebuilt by the best contractors.

“Oh, the Lord is good, and he’s good all the time,” said Williams.

The Relief Gang plans to fund Mrs. Williams’ stay at Nixon Assisted Living until her home is rebuilt and she can move back into it.

Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston are also working to provide her assistance.