Record breaking heat across Houston as people get ready for holidays

Record-breaking temperatures continue to affect Southeast Texas. Less than three weeks until Christmas, highs Tuesday in Houston soared well into the 80s.

"It is hot and humid," said one man ice-skating at Discovery Green. "It feels like August."

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On Tuesday, the high temperature at Houston Hobby Airport reached a record-breaking 85 degrees. While, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport tied the record high of 82.

Although temperatures are soaring across the region, people continue to prepare for the holidays.

"The temperatures have been good all season," said Kim Hooper from Houston Garden Centers. "Although today is 80 degrees, it’s still overcast. [Until this week] we have had nice cool temperatures and a little bit of rain. Perfect conditions for Christmas trees."

Several people were shopping for trees at Houston Garden Centers Tuesday while wearing shorts and t-shirts.

"I’m used to the big coat, sweatpants, double layers," said Chris Cabrera, originally from Pennsylvania. "It’s a different environment [here], but it’s awesome."

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At Discovery Green’s outdoor ice rink in downtown Houston, crews are working hard to keep the ice frozen.

"We have a chiller downstairs that controls the temperature of the ice," said Zenaiea Martinez, the manager at the rink. "Right now we’re keeping it at two degrees, which is really low for the ice. We’re trying to keep it as cool as we can."

Avery Perel, a competitive figure skater, was at the rink Tuesday evening. She says the ice conditions aren’t bad considering the unseasonable heat.

"I definitely think the puddles are from the heat," said Perel. "But, the ice underneath the wetness is still pretty solid."

Temperatures in the Houston area are expected to remain close to 80 degrees until at least Friday.