Rally held to show Katy Superintendent support

In a circle of dozens Dr. Lance Hindt superintendent of Katy ISD receives prayers and positive encouragement following recent allegations a bullying.

"Through persistency comes together through controversy comes togetherness and that's what you're seeing here today and what you've seen in the last few weeks", says Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt.

Those that have known him for years spoke about his character.

Debbie Ellis says, “we've seen our superintendent come under a lot of scrutiny a lot of false accusations and we just thought it was time now that we very peacefully show him how much we as a district support him".

"I just hate the negative publicity over things that happened 35 years ago or didn't happen who knows but it's not who he is today and I just really want to support the man that he is today and let him know that a little bit of negativity we are standing strong behind him", says another teacher Sherry Rankin.

Recently a Houston banker made allegations that Dr. Hindt nearly beat him to death and put him into a coma back in 1983. Another man spoke out saying he was also bullied by the superintendent. When asked about this Dr. Hindt responded. "Yeah I've been advised not to comment on something that happened 35 years ago", says Dr. Hindt.

Although he also added that moving forward he would like to address issues on more individual basis with whomever they come up. "I was only in a building with this individual for less than 4 months I was a brand new kid alright so I would hope that people would look at the information that's how they're not the minute stuff that's been fed to them and look at the big picture so that you can render a decision that's not based upon a single person or a single allegation", says Dr. Hindt.