Raccoon gets stuck escaping attic through little hole before dropping to the ground

Raccoons are known for their destruction and often rummage through people’s garbage cans, landscaping and gardens. 

But a homeowner in the U.S. is facing a different kind of destruction - a hole in his porch ceiling. 

The raccoon had apparently become stuck in the attic above the porch and was captured on video sneakily finding his way out. 

At first, all you can see is two glowing eyes looking out of a little hole in the ceiling. Then, the animal begins to wriggle his head through. 

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He eventually gets stuck around his midsection, as he appears to be searching for something to cling onto so he doesn’t have to drop to the ground.

But he eventually works his whole body through and falls to the porch below. 

This story was reported from Detroit.