Puppy found in a box behind trash dumpster now on her way to being a bomb sniffing dog

When they were just days old, Freyja and her four brothers were thrown away like trash.

"Found behind a dumpster in a cardboard box by a good citizen," said Nina Baker, Shelter Director and Director of happiness at Bayou Animal Services. "Thank goodness they were found before anything tragic happened."

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The five pups were riddled with fleas and worms.

"They were in really bad shape, dehydrated," Nina said. "So, we started working on getting them better."

After about a month at Bayou Animal Services, Freyja got adopted by Justin Larsen.

"I looked down at her, and she was all smiles, tail wagging," said Justin. "Absolutely and utterly obsessed with me and my family."

Justin is a dog trainer by day. He owns Furry Heroes Dog Training. He says he quickly realized Freyja's the type of dog that needs a job.

"As we were out on a walk one day, I just noticed she was nose obsessed," Justin said.

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Freyja is now being trained as a bomb sniffing dog.

Justin also rescued another dog named Chance. He ended up at a shelter before becoming a bait dog,

"He had been my service dog for seven years now," Justin said. "I would say he's saved my life multiple times."

Justin is a 100% disabled Marine Corp Veteran. He says he suffers from PTSD and other medical conditions.

"He's told me when I'm about to have a seizure," he said. "Up to 30 minutes before."

Shelters are full of dogs that can do incredible things like Freyja.

"It's proof positive there's nothing wrong with a shelter dog," Nina said. "Maybe a little bit of training, maybe a little love and care, that may be all they need to be the perfect pet."