Promising results for patients at specialized diabetes treatment center

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Life with diabetes can be tough. It's a chronic condition that often comes with the fear of long-term, disabling complications. A breakthrough procedure for diabetes is now available in Houston at Diabetes Relief Center, and patients say it's putting a halt to their serious symptoms. This is huge, since diabetes is one of the most difficult conditions to control. It requires a lot of discipline, many finger-sticks everyday, medications to keep blood sugars from spiking up and crashing down, and often turning down favorite foods.  Hunter Carr was dealing with all of that, until he found a unique treatment. 

"I came to this infusion treatment, and it corrected my insulin resistance, and made it start working!  It allowed me to reduce my insulin intake by 70%," explains Carr, the owner of Diabetes Relief Center. After suffering from diabetes for 25 years, Carr says he could no longer control his blood sugar, no matter how much insulin he took.  Because the treatment made a believer out of him, he purchased the Center, with hopes of helping as many diabetics as possible.     

We met another patient at Diabetes Relief Center who lives in Colorado. Even though it's a lot of traveling back and forth, Alan Hepford says it's worth it, because he claims the treatment has given him his life back. 

"It has by far been the best investment!  I have decreased my medications, just one after another, and my neuropathy is gone," exclaims Hepford.  Plus he says he has high energy that he hasn't felt in years.    

After the initial stick of the IV, patients just rest during the three-hour infusion. Patients often begin with once a week treatments, then decrease it to every three to four weeks. 

"By doing the infusion treatments, doing our tablets, standard exercise, normal things with diabetes, those things help you start metabolizing carbs, which gives you energy, and that's the number one thing patients say - it gave me so much energy," explains Carr.    

David Hayes is a Doctor of Pharmacology. While he says he prescribed traditional therapy to patients for years, he still believes in it.  However, he believes when it's not used in combination with a treatment, like this, symptoms often spiral out-of-control. 

"They'll have nerve damage, pain, kidney damage, end up on dialysis, wounds can fester and amputations occur, a great deal of suffering. Fortunately, traditional therapies have great benefits and should be supplied, but for many it won't stop those things from happening," says Dr. Hayes.  He goes on to tell us that he has seen the infusion treatment stop those problems, especially major surgery.  He showed us before and after pictures of patients who had severe problems with their feet.  Many of them had suffered what's known as "whittling". That's when surgeons have to slowly remove tissue to try to spare the foot, but often it ends up being amputated. He says he has seen this treatment help heal these wounds very quickly. He showed us photos of one of his patients who came to him expecting to have both feet amputated, but now walks on both feet without any problems! She travels all the way to Houston from the Texas Hill Country for treatment.     

Pastor Bob Phillips can finally preach again because his symptoms have improved after the infusions. 

"I had very severe neuropathy - even to the point where I couldn't have a sheet over my feet at night because of the discomfort - a constant needle-like pain in the feet, occasionally in my hands.  It affected my eyesight, my wife drove me most places.  It affected my energy levels and affected just about everything," says Pastor Phillips. Not anymore. He reports no more neuropathy, he's driving on his own now, and back in the pulpit!    

Here's a complete list of symptoms that Diabetes Relief says patients report:  energy restored, medications reduced, wounds healed, amputations prevented, weight controlled, blood sugar controlled, blood pressure reduced, neuropathy diminished, retinopathy diminished, erectile function restored, mood improved, and sleep improved.    

The owner tells FOX 26 News that the infusion and all of the equipment are FDA approved.  Some insurance companies will cover the cost.    

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