Probe into donated medication at animal shelter ends

"Every time I went to the shelter and volunteered I was worried I was going to get arrested, " said Missouri City Animal Shelter volunteer Lynn Morgan. "That was the impression I got."

In her four years as a volunteer at the shelter, Morgan says she saved the lives of over 1,000 dogs.

Before the volunteer program, 98 percent of all cats and 80 percent of all dogs didn't make it out of the shelter alive.

Last December, city officials took all the medication paid for and used by volunteers to treat shelter animals and locked it up at the police department.

What happened next according to the city's press release "an investigation." In this email, Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen refers to it as "a full investigation."

But now Missouri City Police Chief Mike Berezin says no it's not.

"There was no investigation involving the medication that was turned over to the police department for safe keeping that was discovered by the city staff," Berezin said.

The city got the state's veterinary board involved as well as the DEA. There was even talk of Xanax being found in the animal shelter.

Some volunteers like Morgan felt they were being demonized by the city.

"Absolutely, yes," Morgan said.

"I didn't demonize anyone that I'm aware of," the mayor said.

So whatever happened to all the donated medication?

"They were all returned back to the animal shelter," said the police chief.

"They said it was in the possession of the shelter, but I haven't seen that," Morgan said. "I believe they should return some of the stuff we paid for. We have receipts."