PreK teacher from Spring says she's lucky to be alive after being attacked by her neighbors Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a breed of dog known for dog fighting and hunting large game. Dog experts say they are highly intelligent and social, but can be dangerous if not trained properly.

"I would have never thought in a million years that I was going to be attacked by a dog," said Irene Cornish.

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She says she thought March 11 was going to be the last day of her life.

"My life just flashed before me," Cornish said. "I thought my God what did I do to this dog?"

Cornish says she was in her driveway when the next-door neighbor's Dogo Argentino named Ghost attacked her.

"He went for my shoulder, he attacked me. He was biting me, he wanted to take my arm off, like a lamb chop or something," she said.

"He went right for my dog," said Irene's son Stephen Cornish. "My dog still has scars and that was five to six months ago."

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He says when Ghost attacked their dog Chief, he ended up injured as well.

"I was upset, but I was hoping it was a one-time thing. The dog was still relatively new to the neighborhood," said Stephen Cornish. "I didn't take him to court, he paid all the medical bills."

The mother and son say Ghost also attacked a neighbors dog. Ghost was euthanized. His owner told us he didn't fight that decision.

Stephen Cornish says his neighbor came over the night of the attack.

"It seemed in my mind he only wanted to discuss financial situations, and that was the last thing I wanted to talk about at that point and time," he said. "Since then, there's been no effort to contact either of us."

"He was going to kill me, he wanted me dead," said Irene Cornish.

She says she's still scared, because the neighbor has a female Dogo Argentino and puppies.

"I'm just lucky, and I thank God because I think when I said God keep Ghost away, he did. I'm thankful I'm here."

Ghost's owner didn't want to talk on camera, but says he doesn't understand why the Cornishes would go to the media before asking him about paying medical bills.

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