Police looking for man responsible for driving into NW Houston home, running away

Police are looking for the person responsible for driving through a home along the 4800 block of Chantilly Lane in Houston

The crash took place around 2 a.m. on Monday, April 4.


"[It sounded] like a sonic boom," said Cambrey Lindsay. "A loud crash. Imagine shattering glass, loud rocks, and bricks being cast across your floor and scattered all at the same time."

Dramatic home surveillance video shows the SUV launching into the home in Northwest Houston. The video shows the car jumping a curb, sparks flying, and crashing into the house.

Lindsay and her 11-year-old son had been home asleep that morning. The intense crash woke them up.

"Thank heavens nobody’s bedroom is right here," said Lindsay. "If it was a different time of day, we could have been at work."

Moments after driving into the home’s dining room, a man can be seen on surveillance camera exiting the driver’s seat. Within seconds, he runs away from the scene.

According to Lindsay, a passenger in the vehicle told police the car belonged to her, not the man driving. However, the passenger told police she didn’t know the man’s name or information who had been driving her vehicle.

"He didn’t even check on her," said Lindsay. "He just hauled and left. She says she did not know him."


A month after the collision, Lindsay’s home remains boarded up. She estimates the damage to her walls, windows, ceiling, and furniture to total roughly $70,000.

"Every time a big truck or a loud motorcycle goes by, I can feel my body close up," said Lindsay. "I contract."

As of Wednesday evening, police were still trying to locate the driver.

"Take accountability," said Lindsay. "Be responsible. Step forward. Do the right thing."