Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting in NE Houston, officer injured

The Houston Police Department is investigating following a deadly officer-involved shooting in northeast Houston. 

According to Houston Police Executive Chief Larry Satterwhite, a call dropped for a robbery that just occurred around 7:45 p.m. in the 11100 block of Lera Street. 

When officers arrived, they spoke with a victim who said she and her boyfriend were involved in a disturbance, and he was in her vehicle. 

According to Satterwhite, the victim said he had been acting strange during the day on Wednesday and Wednesday night. 

The victim said when they went to pick up her kids in her vehicle, the suspect, who was described as a light-skinned Black male, was driving and accused her of having somebody else in the vehicle. 


Satterwhite said he had a gun with him and started pointing the gun at the small children in a threatening manner. 

The victim was able to get the suspect to stop, and she got the kids out of the vehicle. The suspect fled the scene and the victim called police. 

While the officer was getting information to locate the vehicle from the victim, the suspect actually came back to the area and immediately took off around the corner. 

The officer then got into his vehicle and attempted to find him. 

That's when another officer came by to check on the first officer. 

At some point during the search, the suspect crashed head-on with one of the officers. We're told both vehicles were totaled. 


Satterwhite stated the officer was able to back up his vehicle and get out. 

That's when, authorities said, the officer began giving voice commands to the suspect as the officer was aware the suspect was armed. 

The suspect then got out of the vehicle with the firearm in a threatening manner, Satterwhite said. 

Authorities said the officers then engaged in a shooting with the suspect. 

Satterwhite said the suspect then took off westbound where he fell to the ground not too long after. 

Officials said it's unclear at this time if the suspect fired toward the officers during the shooting. 

The officers later caught up to the suspect, disarmed him, and immediately began first aid. 


The suspect was still resistant following the shooting, Satterwhite stated. He still wanted the gun and wanting to engage with police. 

The suspect was later taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. 

The officer who was struck in the head-on collision, and who was just off probation with the department, began feeling the effects of the crash and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The officer is currently in stable condition. 

Satterwhite said the other officer who was involved has been with the department for six years. 

Both officers will be placed on administrative duty while the investigation into the shooting is completed.